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Become a Lawyer Through Distance Learning Law School

Many have dreams of becoming a lawyer. They dreamt of brilliantly arguing their case in front of a judge and jury. They see themselves standing triumphant after the verdict has been read. They shake hands with fellow lawyers, with the opponent sides, with the losing side, and bask on the attention their success and practice has brought them.

Yes, I know, people who have these dreams probably have seen too much lawyer drama shows on television and on the movies. The job of lawyers is not as glamorous as most people think. But regardless, there are still a lot of people who wants to have an opportunity to practice law. Dreams that often go unfulfilled.

Due to the high costs of studying law and the sacrifices one has to make, studying to be a lawyer is not that an easy task. A lot of people have to give up their dreams because of a number of obstacles, mostly money, time, and lack of other resources. But that was before. Today, innovations in education have provided dreamers with another option: distance learning law school.

I'm sure, you're already aware of e-learning or distance learning education. This is a type of education where one earns educational certificates, and/or vocational, graduate, and post graduate courses through the internet. The four walled classroom has been transformed into a virtual classroom where students and teachers interact through internet technologies like email, instant messaging, video streaming, teleconferencing, and online collaboration.

Distance learning has made another step in the education process. The number of law schools offering internet classes is slowly increasing. More and more people are enrolling in these classes due to the flexibility of the class schedules and the relatively cheaper fees.

Conventional law schools can charge quite a lot for their yearly enrollment. Costs in well known accredited law schools can reach $90,000 and up while online degrees only range from $12,000 to $32,000 for a four-year program.

One of the pioneers in online law programs is the Concord Law School, a division of Kaplan Inc. The law school began to offer online law classes in 1998. The concept was new back then , but today it has grown enough to make people notice.

According to experts, California is the only state right now that offers online law degrees for students planning to sit for the bar.

Though the advantages are real and the benefits clear, critics still hound online law degree programs. The same reasons for criticizing distance learning as a whole are cited: the fact that internet classes and videotaped lectures will never take the place of the conventional classroom experience.

There are some who even claim that law schools that offer online law classes only teach students to pass the bar. They don't teach their classes the proper legal education.

Although, distance law school has already gone a long way, issues on accreditations has limited the entry of more schools in providing distance learning. But things are getting better.