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The Right (and Wrong) Reasons to Attend Business School

Many students troop to business schools for many reasons. Some want to learn more, others want to beef up their resume and job prospects. Whichever they may be, there are the right and wrong reasons to attend a business school. has listed some of them.

Do attend for the practicality - Business is commonly known as a "safe" major to choose because it is a practical choice for every college student. All companies, regardless of industry, rely on business principles to succeed. Individuals with a good business education background not only have the prospect of starting their own businesses, but also have the practical skills needed to excel.

Do attend for the high demand - If you look through the classified ads, you frequently find job vacancies that seek for potential employees who preferably have a business major. Also, many companies rely on business school recruiting alone to employ new workers.

Do attend for opportunities for specialization - Like the medical field, a business student has many options on specialize in. They can choose to become excellent in accounting, finance, human resources, marketing, non-profits, management, real estate, or any business-related career and industry.

Do not attend if you lack the time - Attending a business school is very demanding to your schedule. It is time consuming and requires your full commitment. Apart from class that start from early morning to late at night, you also have study groups, test preparations, homework, and extracurricular activities in between.

Do not attend just for the sake of MBA - Attaining an MBA title may look good on the resume, but that should not be your only reason to attend a business school. If being an MBA will not help you achieve your career goals anyway, why should you waste your time and money going for it?

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